The Benefits of Injection Therapy

Dealing with stubborn pain that's unresponsive to other treatments? Injection therapy could be the solution you've been looking for.

Using a homeopathic or simple saline solution, injection therapy activates your body's natural healing response. Much like acupuncture, when the needle is inserted into the area of discomfort, trigger points become deactivated, ultimately alleviating pain. It is speculated that the solution injected at the site of discomfort stimulates new healthy tissue, while also boosting circulation and restoring proper blood flow. 

Clinically, people who sometimes 'hit a wall' with traditional acupuncture treatments get more lasting results with injection therapy. 

In addition to muscular pain, injection therapy can successfully address
-vitamin deficiencies
-and more

Curious if injection therapy is right for you? Contact me anytime to discuss your case.